Jimmy Sturr cd - NOT Just Another Polka

Jimmy Sturr cd - NOT Just Another Polka

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Nominated for the 2012 Grammy Awards: Best Regional Roots Album

Track Listing:
1. Ob-La-Di Polka
2. Go Jimmy Go Polka
3. Just Another Polka
4. Orange Blossom Special Polka
5. Polish Prince
6. Wink Your Eye Polka
7. Cracker Barrel Oberek
8. Polka About A Girl
9. Happy Fiddles Polka
10. Memory Waltz
11. Girls From New Jersey
12. Cheese and Crackers Polka

Jimmy Sturr cd - A Tribute to The Legends of Polka Music

Jimmy Sturr cd - A Tribute to The Legends of Polka Music

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In Jimmy Sturr's own words:

"Growing up in the small village of Florida, NY, with a population of 1500 people, about 85 % were Polish. They came from Poland to work on "black dirt" farms, where they raised onions. Our local high school dances were all played by Polka Bands, our local radio station played Polkas every day and of course we had our 3-day Polish Weddings. This is how I fell in love with Polka Music. I never had a favorite, I liked them all. They were my "Legends". I really believe without these pioneers there wouldn't be a Polka Field as it is today. Of course there are many other Legends in the Polka Field, these are just a few. I hope you enjoy this CD and hopefully it will bring back some great memories! - Jimmy Sturr."

Some of the legends Jimmy Sturr pays tribute to on this cd are Frank Wojnarowki, Gene Wisniewski, Ray Henry, The Connecticut Twins, Walt Solek, Larry Chesky, Al Soyka, Bernie Witkowski, Joe Ressetar, Joe Rock and of course Frankie Yankovic.

These are incredible versions of some of the greatest polka songs from these polka artists in the era of the late 40's to mid 60's.

Preview of the Jimmy Sturr PBS Special

Jimmy Sturr Orchestra

At the time that rock was reaching its crescendo, and in the era when Country was dazzling the nation, a strange phenomenon was taking place. In essence, this phenomenon was the rising popularity of JIMMY STURR as the hottest musical attraction in the polka field.

The reigning king of the field is a good looking, smiling charmer with brown hair, blues eyes and charismatic rays emanating from his presence. Sturr is the fellow in front of the orchestra.

And what an Orchestra it is! JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTA has over 106 recordings; the excellence of these recordings has been recognized and rewarded throughout the very competitive music industry. The fact that JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTRA is on the Top Ten list of the All-time Grammy Awards, has won eighteen Grammy Awards and has received more consecutive Grammy nominations that anyone in the history of musical awards has made the music industry sit up and take notice. Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) has awarded JIMMY STURR & HIS ORCHESRA its most valued award, the “Commendation of Excellence”. The only one ever awarded in the polka field.

The band constantly attracts crowds of screaming, adoring fans wherever their travels take them. Their tremendous popularity has resulted in not only numerous Grammy Awards, but also being voted “The #1 POLKA BAND IN THE COUNTRY” for the past ten years.

Many great things have happened to JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTRA, but none has been more exciting than just completing their third recording with country superstar WILLIE NELSON. In addition they have recorded with other artists such as THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, CHARLIE DANIELS, BOOTS RANDOLPH, MEL TILLIS, BRENDA LEE, plus banjo virtuoso, BELA FLECK, and folk legend ARLO GUTHRIE.

One of the major events in Jimmy’s career came when the Orchestra was asked to appear on “The Grand Ole Opry”. They were not only the only Polka Band to all appear, but the only band to appear with brass.

A question on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” television show hosted by Regis Philbin, was “Who is America’s polka king?” The contestant won $250,000 by correctly answering “Jimmy Sturr”. Sturr’s music has been heard on the TV show JEOPARDY and articles have appeared in print throughout the nation including a front page story on The Wall Street Journal and full length story in US World and News Report.

The incredible popularity and success of JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTRA has caught the attention of many networks, including appearances on CNN, ABC, NBC,
FOX NEWS and a fifteen-minute segment on CNN Headline News that aired worldwide.

The band has made several appearances on “Saturday Night Live”. The quality and appearance of JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTRA makes them sought after for television commercials such as Budweiser, Pontiac, and Mrs. T’s Pierogies, who signed Jimmy to be their National spokesperson.

Due to the great demand for live appearances by The JIMMY STURR ORCHESTRA they have an extensive road schedule of 165 dates per year. They crisscross the country and make several international trips yearly. While on the road they travel in Jimmy’s forty-five foot customized tour bus. The Bands’ travels have taken them to some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including seven Sold Out concerts at Carnegie Hall and four Sold Out concerts at Lincoln Center in New York City and a sold out concert at The Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Poland where the band received seven standing ovations.

The Band appears annually at many of the top casinos in the country including Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT; The Tropicana and Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ; Patowatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI; Soaring Eagle, Mt. Pleasant, MI; The President’s Casino in Biloxi, MS; Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, Chester, WV and The Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where Jimmy was the first polka band to be booked by a major casino on the strip. The sellout crowds at these popular events keep coming back for more wherever they see the band scheduled.

Today, JIMMY STURR lives in the house he grew up in, his office is across the street from the high school he attended in the upstate village of Florida, New York with a population of 1,800. His hometown recently honored Jimmy by placing a “Star of Fame” in the walkway on Main Street. They also display ”HOMETOWN OF POLKA KING JIMMY STURR” signs at each entrance to the village. Five gold albums, each representing five million dollars in sales, are displayed on his office walls where he runs his various businesses which include United Polka Artists, Starr Record Company, Jimmy Sturr Travel Agency, a publishing company and his syndicated radio show.

No one has done more for the polka field than this young Irishman from the little village of Florida, NY. Seeing is believing. When you see JIMMY STURR AND HIS ORCHESTRA in person, you know why they draw the huge crowds, have been voted #1 in the country and considered “THE BEST IN POLKA MUSIC”.

Jimmy Sturr and Orange County Choppers

Band Members

Johnny Karas - Tenor Sax/Vocal

Eric Parks - Trumpet

Dennis Coyman - Drums

Frank Urbanovitch - Fiddle

Kenny Harbus - Trumpet

Keith Slattery - Piano

Ray Barno - Alto & Baritone Sax/Clarinet

Nick Devito - Alto Sax/Clarinet

Steve "Rocky" Swiader - Accordion

Richie Pavasaris - Bass

Gus Kosior - Road Manager/Driver


Jimmy Sturr has more than 106 recordings available.
Jimmy Sturr 2009 PBS Broadcast DVD - Polka Party

Jimmy Sturr 2009 PBS Broadcast DVD - Polka Party

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If you are going to purchase on one polka DVD this year, this is the one to get. This is the actual show that was broadcast on most PBS stations in the spring of 2010, taped at Caesar's Windsor Casino in October 2009. Plus $4.50 s/h in US.

Jimmy Sturr 2009 PBS Broadcast Double CD

Jimmy Sturr 2009 PBS Broadcast Double CD

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This is a double cd which contains all the songs contained in the Jimmy Sturr PBS special which was taped at the Colosseum at Caesar's Windsor Casino in October 2009 and shown on most PBS stations in the spring of 2010. No polka lover should be without this cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $2.50 s/h to the US.

Jimmy Sturr PBS Combo

Jimmy Sturr PBS Combo

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Get both the DVD and CD of the Jimmy Sturr 2009 PBS Special taped in October 2009 at Caesar's Windsor Colliseum and aired on most PBS stations in the spring of 2010. Special price when you get both.

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