The Diddle Styx

The "DIDDLE STYX" Polka Band is a high energetic band that loves playing your favorite Polkas, Waltzes and Obereks. While watching the Diddle Styx you will see the love and passion for their Polish Heritage. They are a five piece polka group, George – Drummer, MC and Leader of the Band, Dawn Rosinski – Saxophone, Clarinet, Keyboard Bass and Vocals, Dale Kivinen – Accordion, Trumpet and Main Vocals, Dan Bizon – Accordion, Chris Hedrich – Accordion, Trumpet, Keyboard and Vocals. We have been together approximately 10 years and Polka Music Fans have been their drive.

Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, The"Diddle Styx"Polka Band is conveniently located for jobs throughout the State of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin and currently plays about 65 jobs per year throughout the Midwest. By popular demand, they have also taken many road trips, bus excursions, polka vacations and performed throughout the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

Band Members

George W. Rosinski - Band Leader, Drums

Dawn Rosinski - Saxophone

Dan Bizon - Accordion

Dale Kivinen - Trumpet, Vocals

Chris Hedrich - Accordion

Contact Info

The Diddle Styx are based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

George W. Rosinski - Band Leader - For booking info call 616-334-7914


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