The Casuals have been performing since the mid 1950's. Tom Grahek is the only original member of the band still performing. His outstanding sax work and sound defines The Casuals. The band has performed all over the United States and Canada with the biggest stars in the Polka Business. "Let's Get Casual" is the bands 4th. album. It features 7 original songs including the national polka hits, "Grab Your Ball's We're Goin' Bowling" voted the best new Polka of 2002 by the Internet Jockey's at The World's Polka Network; "Falling In Love" also voted in the Best of 2002; "Every Day's A Mothers Day", "Oh Yeah" and "Loretta". The album is still in great demand several years after its release. The band performs at Polka Festivals around the country and can be heard at a majority of the local Church and City Festivals in the Cleveland Ohio area.

Band Members

Tom Grahek is the senior member of The Casuals. Born in Brownsville PA, "TJ" started playing clarient in elementary school and then saxophone in High School. He performed in his brother Frank's band in PA at places like White Tavern in Brownsville before settling in Cleveland in the early 1950's. After moving to Cleveland, TJ jobbed around with a few bands before meeting Joe Toriskie. He became a regular member of Joe's band in 1965 and has been with The Casuals ever since. He lives in Timberlake, Ohio with wife Connie and son Jeff. His children Lorrie, Tawni, Kandis and Douglas have started their own families. TJ has ten grandchildren. 

Ed Klimczak started playing accordion at age eight. He has played in many different bands including rock and roll and his own band Ed Klimczak Family Music, which plays regularly in the Ohio area. He plays drums on occasion for Al Battistelli and Wayne Golob, along with many other area bands including Frank Moravcik and Magic Buttons. Ed also plays pipe organ, elctronic organ and piano at church, and sings for weekend masses, weddings and funerals. Ed lives in Amherst, Ohio, and has three children, Andrew, Lauren and Julie. Ed joined The Casuals in February, 2000. See Ed's website at Ed stays very active with his own special type of music.

Brian Somrak started taking accordion lessons at age eight and then piano at age fifteen. He was performing before he was old enought to drive. He has fronted two bands, The Marauders and then the popular Cleveland Style Brian Somrak Band. He lives in Willoughby, Ohio with wife Yolanda and children Christopher and Kelly. Brian joined The Casuals in August, 2000.

Ray Zalokar is the band front man and has been with the band since 1994. He handles all bookings, promotions and band business. He is the director of "", the internet's most listened to Polka audio streamcast where his "American Polka Hour" can be heard Sunday through Friday at 9 PM EST and "Casual Time Polka's" every Saturday at 11:00 AM to 12 noon. He lives in Eastlake, Ohio with wife Marcia and children Sophie and Zack. Visit

Jim Slatinsky has been beating the drums with the band since 1995. He is also in charge of all band lighting and gadgets. Jim is a school teacher. In his youger days he was a very good athlete and had a tryout with the Detroit Tigers. A serious knee injury ended his tryout and baseball career. He has three children Scott, Kara, and Cory and lives in Parma, Ohio.

Ron Kaczmarek started playing piano accordion when he was five years old. He has been playing the button accordion for the last 35 years. Ron and his son Marty appeared frequently on Cleveland's Polka Variety's TV show. His son Marty lives in LA and his daughter Lois lives in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ron is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and lives in Northfield, Ohio.



Let's Get Casual

Song List: Buddy Lou Polka, My Kinda Lady Polka, Falling in Love, Every Day is Mother's Day Waltz, Sneaky Pete Polka, Ice Cubes in Beer Polka, Chris and Kelly's Polka, Honkey Style Polka, Grab your Balls We're Going Bowling, Too Much, Loretta Polka, Home Again Waltz, Burgettstown Polka, Oh Yeah Polka, Edelweiss Waltz, Fleet Avenue Polka



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